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Gro Baby One-Size Diaper Reviews from Amazon

Sentuhan Bayu : It is wise to get opinions from others before buying any cloth diapers. Let's see what's Amazon users has to say about GroBaby. At this point, GroBaby gets 4.5 Stars.  :-D  
Now isn't that good? Read On...

The Good Review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Great AI2 diaper!, November 6, 2009
After months and months of research I decided to go with Gro Baby for my second child who would be my first in cloth diapers.

-One size. I love that they will grow with her. I started using them on my 8lb 11oz daughter the moment she came home from the hospital. They fit and did not leak but they were definitely bulky while she was that small. Not the case anymore since she is 4 months old. I got the tip to try prefolds underneath the shell while she is a newborn and that works well too, although the prefolds are not as absorbent as the soakers that come in the shells.
-Reusable shell. I think its great the shell is reusable, because in the end it saves me money. I own about 12 shells and 19 soakers and do the wash every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. With this routine I hope the shells will last me through potty training and after four months of use I see no reason why the won't. -No leaks. With a newborn and her breastfed poop she does get poop on the shell sometimes but we have had only one or two leaks. I used disposables on vacation a couple of weeks ago and had 4 leaks in just 2 weeks. Since I have had half that many leaks in 4 months I know I made the right choice.
-Organic fibers. I prefer things to be natural fabrics/fibers and even more so when they are against my baby's bum. The fact that these soakers are organic is an even bigger plus.
-Easy to launder. I have no stains after 4 months. I have a pretty cheap washer and dryer so I am pretty limited in what I can do laundering wise but my routine is as follows. I do a cold rinse (no detergent), then I do a warm wash (1.5 scoops of tiny bubbles), then I take all the stained soakers and all the shells and hang them in the sun for about an hour or two, then I leave the shells on the line and throw all the soakers in the dryer with a towel and set it for 80 minutes. Like I said I earlier I do this 3 times a week, I was hesitant about using cloth diapers because I thought all the laundry would be a burden but its not. Its easy and I actually enjoy doing it unlike the rest of the laundry I am responsible for.
-No scratch Aplix(velcro). The aplix is not scratchy like regular velcro so if it rubs on the baby's tummy (which it hasn't yet) it won't be uncomfortable.
-Colors. The colors are bold and beautiful. Kiwi is my favorite. I have kiwi, blackberry and vanilla. The mandarin looks great online but I don't think it would be great with our skin tone so I skipped that color.

-Laundry tabs. Now this review is written in Nov '09 and i know they are working on a laundry tab solution but with the product I have right now the laundry tabs stopped working after a couple months of washing (and I never throw them in the dryer). I wrote the company and got a response back from the CEO with some tricks on how to prevent diaper chains. A few of them didn't work for me but this one did: Put the aplix on the front as if putting the diaper on the baby then turn the diaper inside out. Since I have started doing this I have no more diaper chains, woohoo! Also if you hate aplix they have a snap conversion to turn all your hook and loop dipes into snaps.
-Soakers can take a while to dry. I always throw a dry towel in the dryer with them and that works well. Every so often though I need to run a second cycle to get them fully dry.

No comment on using them overnight since I have never tried. I used my left over disposables when she was a newborn and I bought some pocket diapers during a seconds sale that I use now. The pocket diapers were just too bulky to use during the day but work great for night.

All in all I am so glad I decided to go cloth and Gro Baby. I highly recommend them.

The Bad Review:

3.0 out of 5 stars Not as great as I thought...but not terrible., January 18, 2010
Why I bought it:
I wanted to change to cloth diapering to save money, trips to the store, and reduce my family's amount of waste.

With two kids in diapers, these definately cut down our diaper costs, they are very cute, one diaper could fit my new born or my toddler with the simple snap design. These are made with very durable construction. The snaps work well and the velcro holds tight. The inserts snap in holding them in place. They work very well with my infant daughter who sleeps on her back as the majority of the absorbant insert's padding is in the rear end. The shell prevents leaks very effectively.

My toddler son is very active and the soaker pad tends to bunch up in an uncomfortable way in the front. The soaker is not very soft and tends to rub him a little raw when he is especially active. The soaker does not wick away moisture at all. The amonia smell from these soakers tends to be a lot stronger than other brands that I have tried.

What I've done to make this product work better for my family:
I mainly use these diapers for my infant since she is not as active. The soaker pads have a booster liner sewn on to them which adds to the bulk and doesn't really add much absorbtion, it also tends to bunch up, so I ripped it out. The diapers are now much more comfortable and not as bulky. If I use them for my son, I use a different brand's soaker pad and things work fine.

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