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Antsy Pants Review

Sentuhan Bayu:
OK, I forgot to give a proper review on Antsy Pants myself (blush).

Here's what I like about antsy.
1) It's a pull up pants!!! How cool is that for a start ? (grin)
2) It almost solved my super heavy wetter night time diapering. I said almost because I need to make sure to change my Ameera at 11pm & I can dozed off till morning. But unfortunately, I 'accidently' dozed off at 9 ish. hehehehe.But you know what, even so the leak is very very minimal. Which I'm quite impress. My guess is if Ameera is less active during sleeping, I'm very positive that it won't leak at all. Yup!!! 2 thumbs up for Antsy. ;-)
3) The liner..... yes it is very different than what you usually get with pocket diaper. And yes, dry too.
4) The absorbant, same as above. & when you put an insert for the nighttime... ooohhh it can last till morning.
5) The color is super bright. Easy to find it in the dark.

What I don't like:
1) Its a sized diaper. So I need to do some guessing what size it should be for my lean Ameera.
2) It doesn't come in cute prints. If it ever comes with cute prints, I'll definitely buy more.
3) The insert takes somewhat of mastering in folding it. If i don;t fold it right, it'll overflow on the sides & create leakage. After a few try I managed to fold it right though.
4) The price...... hmmmmm

Other than that I have no complaints. I give 4.5 out 5 stars . Bravo Antsy Pantz!!

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