Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's with the zits?

My Ameera skin is very sensitive around 'that' area. Thanks to my genes (sorry, meera). Yes I have sensitive skin too. So, on her 1st month i used Drypers size M (Yes, she's big and all chunky) not S, everything seems fine. Strictly no wipes either since I notice her skin get red when i used the wipes. So I just use plain tap water. After 3 months exclusively breast feeding & pampered by me, it is time for me to get to work.

Seri Ayu Ceria, that's her nursery. The 1st 3 months, she seems OK, and getting heavier too. But then, she start having rashes. Not that mild type, you know. Her skin got all flaming red, and at certain area her skin peeled off. Yes, you read it right. Her skin peeled off. She cried in pain every time she pee. Worst when she poo poo. That start my journey to fin her a suitable disposable diaper. At that time, cloth diaper is never a choice for me since i hate the idea of rinsing the poo (big ewwww ewwwww for me). I've tried the famous one in Malaysia - MamyPoko. One of the expensive DD & cost me a bomb too since Ameera is a super heavy wetter. Just give her 3 hours, & it all super soaked. So I'm consuming 8 - 10 DD a day. On top of that, her rashes came back every alternate week.

Then I tried Huggies - the red packaging. Slight improvement though, but her red flaming rash will come back every 2 weeks. That time I can't take it anymore, so I read and read about cloth diaper. Yup, my mom suggested the cloth, but her version is of course the ones we used to see eons ago. Pins, flat cloth that need some folding, very hard to wash off the poo. The brand here in Malaysia is either Pureen or Anakku. But, I came across Bum Genius in Amazon. After reading all the reviews, I searched for it in Malaysia. Unfortunately, the price is super bomb ( or that what i thought of 1st) - RM 85 each. So, I resort to local brand (sigh) Kasihku Sayangku which only cost me RM50. I tried on her for a month fully cloth diaper. While her butt looks ugly & bulky, NO RASH!!!! The red flaming skin just went away. Yes!!!!

But after a month, i saw red tiny bubs at her butt. Around 6-10 at each cheeks. It never bother Ameera but it bother me a lot. I put on various type of nappy rash cream- from organic to non organic, but it never go away. After months of searching, it finally paid off. I just need Agnesia Powder & it cost me only RM4. Yup no more red bub. Yeay Me!!!
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