Friday, February 12, 2010

Tuck and Go (TAG) Diapering System

The TAG System is getting rave reviews by new and experienced Moms alike!

Easy to Use.  Revolutionary.  Functional.

How does this sytem work?  The TAG is comprised of two pieces - a waterproof outer shell and a luxiously soft inner pad.  The Tuck and Go™ cover is uniquely designed to allow the pad to be easily yet securely tucked in at the front and back edge, making it extremely simple and efficient.  Siimply tuck the pad into the cover and fasten the diaper onto your baby. There are no extra steps and the velcro closures make it both infinitely adjustable and intuitive to use. 

When it's time to change the diaper, remove the shell from the baby, hang on to the outside cover, hold it over your pail, turn it over and the pad falls right out.  This eliminates the possibility or necessity of touching wet or dirty inserts.

The front and back of the cover as well as the elastic at the leg casings are lined with soft microfleece to ensure optimum comfort and the edges of the tuck zones are gently gathered to keep everything in place.The Unique design creates a natural barrier to moisture for unsurpassed leak protection.

The waterproof cover adjusts to accommodate a larger size range while using the same pad and without compromising fit or adding unnecessary bulk.  This makes this a highly functional yet trim diapering solution.

The Tuck and Go™ cover can be used with the TAG pads or over prefolds or fitted diapers.

The pad is made from a blend of 70% Bamboo Rayon, 28% Organic Cotton and 2% Polyester for optimum absorbency, breathability and comfort, with silky soft velour next to baby's skin.

The pad is gently gathered at the legs for the best fit, allowing the diaper to better cradle baby's bottom and adds a gentle barrier to help prevent leaks.  The elastic is neatly stitched inside the pad so it will never touch baby's delicate skin.

Sizing for Covers:
  • Small Covers fit babies 6-18lbs
  • Medium Covers fit babies 12-28lbs
Sizing for TAG Pads (3 Packs)
  • Small pads fit into small covers (6-18lbs)
  • Medium pads fit into medium covers (12-28lbs)
Sourced from Monkey Doodlez

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