Monday, February 22, 2010

Stripping Diaper - Tips from everywhere

Here are the list of good source of stripping the diaper. I've collected these as my reference so I guess it is a good idea to share it with other mommies. I'll share my style of stripping my cloth diapers in my other posting ;-)

1) How to Strip Cloth Diapers, Get rid of stink and leaks!
(** Sentuhan Bayu: My Favorite Reference. Simple & Dummy Proof**)

Do your cloth diapers leak? Do they stink? Are you ready to give up on being a cloth diapering mom and go back to the ease of disposable? Don't give up yet! Try the steps below!

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2) Stripping Cloth Diapers
If your diapers are dirty as well as stinky you should wash them before stripping, otherwise stains may be set in. Freshly washed diapers don't need to be dried before stripping, you can strip right after washing. Before stripping be sure to check the washing instructions for your diapers so you don't accidentally damage them.
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3) Stripping Cloth Diapers
(** Sentuhan Bayu: This one suggest to use microwave. Interesting...**)
Stripping diapers refers to to the process of removing any excess build-up that exists in the diapers, such as detergent or natural oils. Build-up in your cloth diapers can lead to rancid smelling cloth after baby urinates, repelling fleece, or leaking, and so occasionally you may need to strip them to get them their cleanest. So how can this be done?
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