Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How did you teach your children to brush their teeth?

For myself (or I should say my family), brushing teeth is a family affair. Mommy & daddy & 4 year old daughter brush teeth together & the young ones(age 14 months) just follow the crowd. My guess is she don't want to be left out. So she'll start grinning asking for someone to brush her teeth. Now isn't that easy? Effortless. :-)

Let's see what other parents say about it.
8 February 2010 (Parenthots)

By example
You have to show him how to brush his teeth and then you have to brush your teeth when he's brushing, too. This way he can see that you're brushing your teeth and follow your example. - Francine Goonting, mother of one boy aged three years old

No problem
I helped them to brush their teeth initially and after that they managed to brush their own teeth. It was quite easy. When they were younger they used the flavoured toothpaste. They still use the fancy toothbrushes now – the younger ones, that is. - Cafflin Wee, mother of three girls and one boy aged seven to 16

Do it together
My daughter brushes her teeth with me, so I do it and then she does it. I brush up and she brushes up; I brush down and she brushes down. - Maznita Mokhtar, mother of two girls aged one and three years old
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