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Cloth Diaper Washing Tip from Rumparooz

Washing Detail

Fasten laundry tabs if you own a hook and loop diaper.
Remove insert and store in a dry pail or bag until wash time.
No need to pre-rinse because breast fed baby poo will dissolve in the wash.
Breastmilk poo is 100% organic!

Fasten laundry tabs if you own a velcro diaper.
Simply "plop" that poo into the toilet and flush.
*Did you know that even disposable diaper companies recommend that procedure as well?*
Solid and thicker poo will not cling to the fleece - a little residue is fine.
Remove insert and store in a dry pail or bag until wash time.

First run a cold rinse to loosen up and discard of and poo remnants.
Hot wash - do NOT run a sanitize cycle on your pocket shells. The high temp is not good for the laminate and can melt the laminate bond. The only portion of the diaper that should ever be run through the sanitize cycle would be the inserts. It does not take much to get the pocket shell clean and if you are having residue or stink issues it is not the pocket shell, it is the inserts.
Cold rinse.
Tumble dry low or hang dry. If you would like to dry on high, please remove the pocket diaper shell and only dry inserts on high. The pocket shells of the Rump•a•rooz® do not take a lot of heat or much time at all to dry. High heat is not good for elastic either.

To remove stains lay in the sun when wet.

Important to AVOID in detergents:
Enzymes - may cause severe irritation
Fabric Softener - will make diapers less absorbent & cause repelling
Brighteners - may cause irritation and also leave residue that will cause a stinky diaper
Scents - may cause irritation, even on babies with no history of sensitive skin


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