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Cloth diaper tester for TinyTapir

I signed up as CD testers a couple weeks ago for Tiny Tapir. If I'm not mistaken, this will be the 100% Malaysian made CDs. I've yet taken any photos of it but no fret, i'll upload it in 2 or 3 days ;-). I believe the brand will be Bouncy Baby.

Here's my review in it.

What I like:
- the PUL is soft & don't look stiff
- the suede cloth is also soft & nice
- resize options with more buttons

What i don't like:
- the cutting or design is a bit weird on my baby. It is such an i sore for me that i have to take it off my baby after 5 mins.
- the hook & loop is so sharp. Almost injured my thumb when i open it for the 1st time. I have to put it away.
- the snap CD is also confusing for me since my 16 month is so wiggly & love running around. Very difficult to put on the snap while running at the same time ;-) hehehe
- the snap is also not that strong. 3 of my snap button fall off after 1st wash

The verdict:
- definitely not my fav. Will i add it to my stash? No no no. I love hook & loop, unfortunately this one is hazardous for me. Never in my life come across such a sharp hook & loop. My thumb still hurt coz i tried to open the CD again yesterday.

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