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How do you discipline your child?

Sentuhan Bayu : Well, I believe this is the very question  most parents asked. But I also strongly believe in just follow your instinct. You're the parents & you know your child best. Each & every child is unique. Some requires some spanking over reasoning. Some, a simple reason will do & zero spanking required. And as the child grow older, parents will notice they need to approach discipline in different manner. I must emphasize that PARENTS must be OBSERVANT. No excuse in this. And, always incorporate religious routines cause it does give an impact to the child. You might ask why, but through my observation of people around me, regardles of what religion they are, parents with strict or diligent in incorporating religious routine in their daily life, you could see their child are much more disciplined, caring, respectful & obedient.

Preloved CoolaBaby All-in-One For Sale for RM 20 (Purple)

Preloved CoolaBaby All-in-One For Sale for RM 20 Color: Purple Available Unit : (SOLD tu Nor) Shipping Cost : Free via Registered Mail Condition : Have been wearing it for a month. But since my toddler is super heavy wetter, a single layer of sewn-in insert is never enough. The condition is still very good & stainless. See the photo. If you are interested, contact me

Preloved CoolaBaby All-in-One For Sale for RM 20 (orange)

Preloved CoolaBaby All-in-One For Sale for RM 20 Available Unit : 2 units (1 sold to Ida. 1 more available) Shipping Cost : Free via Registered Mail Condition : Have been wearing it for a month. But since my toddler is super heavy wetter, a single layer of sewn-in insert is never enough. The condition is still very good & stainless. See the photo. If you are interested, contact me . Color: Orange

10 Ways to Go Green and Save Green

Sentuhan Bayu: This is a good read. It is good to know that simple steps (like changing your light bulb to electric saving) does give a big impact. It is ok to start small. Begin at home. But of course certain things I can;t go without. I work in Cyberjaya & stay in Kota Damansara. It'll be ridiculus to ride a bicycle isn't it? The driving time alone could take one hour but during peak hour, It'll take up to 2 hours. Public Transport??  That'll take 2.5 to 3 hours to reach home Plus rain & smoke & MC for the next 2 days. Yup, I did attempt but its not working for me.  Anyway, enough of my ranting. Read the 10 ways to go green & save green. How can we live lightly on the Earth and save money at the same time? Staff members at the Worldwatch Institute, a global environmental organization, share ideas on how to GO GREEN and SAVE GREEN at home and at work.

Country has bounced back from economic crisis, says Najib

Sentuhan Bayu : Is this for real? Really ??? For all I know, all of us (the rakyat) are still struggling & drowning. The worst is not over yet for most of us. PUTRAJAYA: The country has recovered from the economic crisis, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said. He said the gross domestic product grew by 4.5% in the fourth quarter of last year, a better result than expected. He added that the economy was expected to see strong growth this year. Asked if the worst was over for the Malaysian economy, Najib said: “Yes.” The other developments yesterday were: > The economy contracted by 1.7% for the whole of last year but this was also lower than the projected 3% contraction. > The construction sector grew at the fastest pace in the fourth quarter, followed by the agricultural sector. > The news came as a surprise for economists who were expecting an average growth of 3.2% for Q4 of 2009. To read more, click here

Preloved CoolaBaby All-in-One For Sale (Red Color)

Preloved CoolaBaby All-in-One For Sale for RM 20 Color: Red Available Unit : 1 aold to Nor & 1 Sold to Ida Shipping Cost : Free via Registered Mail Condition : Have been wearing it for a month. But since my toddler is super heavy wetter, a single layer of sewn-in insert is never enough. The condition is still very good & stainless. See the photo. If you are interested, contact me

Blueberry Minky One Size Cloth Diaper - Cheetah Prints

Here's my Ameera wearing her Blueberry Diapers.

Fire damages 200-year-old Ho Ann Kiong temple

KUALA TERENGGANU: Fire has destroyed large parts of an old Chinese Temple built in 1801 here. Authorities say initial investigation does not point to arson.The Ho Ann Kiong temple, built by the early Hokkien community and situated at the city’s Chinatown tourist belt, was the oldest structure here.Almost 60% of the temple was ravaged in the 9.30pm fire on Monday.State Fire and Rescue Department’s officer Mohamed Amin Mohamad Basir said the fire could have started in the middle of the temple. Read more

Working in hell

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Wonderful Color of Gro Baby

Stripping Diaper - Tips from everywhere

Here are the list of good source of stripping the diaper. I've collected these as my reference so I guess it is a good idea to share it with other mommies. I'll share my style of stripping my cloth diapers in my other posting ;-) 1) How to Strip Cloth Diapers, Get rid of stink and leaks! (** Sentuhan Bayu: My Favorite Reference. Simple & Dummy Proof**) Do your cloth diapers leak? Do they stink? Are you ready to give up on being a cloth diapering mom and go back to the ease of disposable? Don't give up yet! Try the steps below! Read More 2) Stripping Cloth Diapers If your diapers are dirty as well as stinky you should wash them before stripping, otherwise stains may be set in. Freshly washed diapers don't need to be dried before stripping, you can strip right after washing. Before stripping be sure to check the washing instructions for your diapers so you don't accidentally damage them. Read More 3) Stripping Cloth Diapers (** Sentuhan Bayu: Thi

How to pay less personal tax by ANG WEINA

THE 2009 tax-filing season for individuals has arrived. For many of us, April 30 will be just another day (perhaps accompanied by scrambling for our just-in-time filing) to settle our dues with the Inland Revenue Board by submitting the Form e-BE and paying any balance tax. Before clicking the button to complete the e-filing, take a second look at the figures keyed in. Is the amount of tax calculated the lowest it can be? Here are some tips on saving tax that would not get you in trouble with the law. Read more..... Sentuhan Bayu ; Its the time of the year again, so worth to spend some time & read this article.

Yummy Photos from FuzziBunz

In Love with FuzziBunz

FuzziBunz® diapers are made with only the finest and most innovative materials. The stylish three-layered patented FuzziBunz® design works hard to keep your babies' bottoms dry and rash-free! Here's how the best-selling FuzziBunz® diapering system works: The waterproof outer barrier keeps wetness contained. The soft microfleece inner layer gently touches your baby's skin, pulling away moisture and keeping your baby rash-free, dry, and comfortable. The microfleece is made of 100% Polyester and is custom-milled. The unique, patented pocket-style opening enables you to customize the absorbency to fit your baby needs. Stuff the pocket with inserts, a pre-fold, or even a hand towel! The updated top-stitching circles the top of the diaper and the tabs, providing reinforcement and demonstrating our commitment to making high quality diapers that hold up wash after wash. The larger, square tabs hold the diaper in place to prevent sagging and provide better grip during diaper

Caning of Muslim women was legal: DPM

Sentuhan Bayu: What I find interesting thing is, why muslim men get away when they get caught drinking. Don't tell me those 'dato' don't drink. I'd like to see Syariah court punishing them too.  PUTRAJAYA: Religious authorities must properly explain the issue of caning Muslim women who committed syariah offences to avoid the sentence from being viewed negatively by both the local and international communities, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said.

StarBunz Mania

I have to confess that I could drool over cute diapers like Starbunz. I mean just look at them & imagine your baby wearing it. Awwwww.... so cute!! Where Can you Get it in Malaysia?

The Modern Cloth Diaper Glossary by StarBunz

Styles of Cloth Diapers: - Pocket Diaper: A cloth diaper that requires an absorbent pad to be stuffed in. Absorbent pads are often called soaker pads, inserts, and doublers. Do not assume a pocket diaper comes with the needed insert. - All-in-one: Also commonly referred to as an AIO, an All in one cloth diaper consists of a waterproof outer fabric, a stay-dry inner fabric and an absorbent soaker pad. - All-in-two: A cloth diaper that consists of a waterproof outer, a stay dry inner and a snap in or lay in absorbent soaker pad. - Cloth Diaper Cover: A water-proof garment used to cover a cloth diaper. "Fitted" diapers and Chinese pre-folds all require a diaper cover. - Fitted Diapers: This type of diaper is made completely out of absorbent materials. It has a built in soaker pad either internally sandwiched between layers or externally, sewn directly to the inside of the fitted diaper. All fitted diapers require a cover. - Chinese Pre-fold: These are flat diapers that co

What is Bamboo Diaper Fabric

Bamboo is one of the newest diaper fabrics in the cloth diapering world. Bamboo is very absorbent, naturally anti-bacterial, and won't hold odors. It has a very silky and luxurious feel and stays soft wash after wash. Bamboo is also very environmentally friendly! Read More

3 women caned for having illicit sex

Sentuhan Bayu; Women got caned, but what about the guys? What did they get? I doubt they're doing 'it' alone. It takes two to tango. PUTRAJAYA: Three Muslim women were caned last Tuesday for engaging in illicit sex, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein. They were the first women in Malaysia to receive such punishment under syariah law. Two of them where whipped six times and the third was given four strokes of the rotan at Kajang Prison. To read more, click here

No smoke near the baby, please

NOT many smokers know what they are consuming when they light up a cigarette. The tobacco in cigarettes is usually blended from two types of tobacco leaves, which have about 2.5% to 4% nicotine. The cigarette is designed to deliver a steady dose of nicotine to the smoker. In addition to the tobacco leaf, the cigarette contains fillers made from other parts of the tobacco plant and they are mixed with various flavours and additives. The additives increase the acceptability of the cigarette to the smoker as well as increase the addictiveness of cigarettes. The additives include sugars, which make it easier to inhale the smoke, and flavourings like mint. Some of these are harmless by themselves but when taken in combination with other substances, they may be harmful. To read more, click here. Sentuhan Bayu: This is a good reminder, which many smoking parents tend to ignore or forget.

Photos of sample diaper

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Cloth diaper tester for TinyTapir

I signed up as CD testers a couple weeks ago for Tiny Tapir. If I'm not mistaken, this will be the 100% Malaysian made CDs. I've yet taken any photos of it but no fret, i'll upload it in 2 or 3 days ;-). I believe the brand will be Bouncy Baby. Here's my review in it. What I like: - the PUL is soft & don't look stiff - the suede cloth is also soft & nice - resize options with more buttons What i don't like: - the cutting or design is a bit weird on my baby. It is such an i sore for me that i have to take it off my baby after 5 mins. - the hook & loop is so sharp. Almost injured my thumb when i open it for the 1st time. I have to put it away. - the snap CD is also confusing for me since my 16 month is so wiggly & love running around. Very difficult to put on the snap while running at the same time ;-) hehehe - the snap is also not that strong. 3 of my snap button fall off after 1st wash The verdict: - definitely not my fav. Will i

GST waiver for basic goods and services

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians need not worry about paying goods and services tax (GST) on certain basic necessities and services under the new tax regime targeted for implementation in the middle of next year. The Government has decided that 40 basic goods and services will be exempted from the GST, said Finance Minister (II) Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah. They included basic foodstuff, residential accommodation, education, health services, public transportation and domestic water and electricity supply to a certain limit. Read On in The Star Sentuhan Bayu: I have no comment on this. I know for a fact no matter how much noise i make, i'll still have to pay.

Tuck and Go (TAG) Diapering System

The TAG System is getting rave reviews by new and experienced Moms alike! Easy to Use.  Revolutionary.  Functional. How does this sytem work?  The TAG is comprised of two pieces - a waterproof outer shell and a luxiously soft inner pad.  The Tuck and Go™ cover is uniquely designed to allow the pad to be easily yet securely tucked in at the front and back edge, making it extremely simple and efficient.  Siimply tuck the pad into the cover and fasten the diaper onto your baby. There are no extra steps and the velcro closures make it both infinitely adjustable and intuitive to use.  When it's time to change the diaper, remove the shell from the baby, hang on to the outside cover, hold it over your pail, turn it over and the pad falls right out.  This eliminates the possibility or necessity of touching wet or dirty inserts. The front and back of the cover as well as the elastic at the leg casings are lined with soft microfleece to ensure optimum comfort and th

Flip Photos

Flip Stay Dry

To Buy - Click Here Why Flip™? Cloth diapering has never been so easy! • TOSS the used insert into your diaper pail • REPLACE the insert with a clean one • REUSE the cover. The one-size cover and insert adjusts to fit most babies from 7-35 pounds. Absorbency? Flip™ Stay-Dry liners are made of 3 absorbent layers of microfiber and a smooth stay-dry suede that wicks away moisture from your baby's bum-keeping baby drier, longer. Flip features: • A waterproof shell, so no extra cover is needed. • Wipe the inside of the cover out and use it over and over again! • Form fitting elastic to prevent leaks. • Patent pending comfy butterfly closure. A feature that is unique to cloth diapers made by Cotton Babies. • No stuffing involved just tuck insert under flaps and go! • Choose between a one-size Stay-Dry Insert or a one-size Certified Organic Cotton Insert. • Disposable inserts are also available for use while traveling. • Patent pending 3x3 adjustable snap system to fit most babies fr

What's with the zits?

My Ameera skin is very sensitive around 'that' area. Thanks to my genes (sorry, meera). Yes I have sensitive skin too. So, on her 1st month i used Drypers size M (Yes, she's big and all chunky) not S, everything seems fine. Strictly no wipes either since I notice her skin get red when i used the wipes. So I just use plain tap water. After 3 months exclusively breast feeding & pampered by me, it is time for me to get to work. Seri Ayu Ceria, that's her nursery. The 1st 3 months, she seems OK, and getting heavier too. But then, she start having rashes. Not that mild type, you know. Her skin got all flaming red, and at certain area her skin peeled off. Yes, you read it right. Her skin peeled off. She cried in pain every time she pee. Worst when she poo poo. That start my journey to fin her a suitable disposable diaper. At that time, cloth diaper is never a choice for me since i hate the idea of rinsing the poo (big ewwww ewwwww for me). I've tried the famous one

What is Microfleece Fabric

Microfleece Diaper Fabric Microfleece is 100% polyester and a superior moisture-wicking diaper fabric. It is used next to baby's skin to keep baby feeling dry and comfortable even in a wet diaper. Microfleece resists staining, and does not hold poo like other diaper fabric can. Best of all, it's so soft and cushy for baby. To read more, pls click here .

What's on the Headlines Today

The Star Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir is the rightful Perak Mentri Besar, the Federal Court ruled in a unanimous decision. The five-man Bench found Tuesday that the Court of Appeal was justified in reversing the High Court’s May 11 judgement which declared Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin as Mentri Besar. To read more, click here .

Cloth Diaper Fabric & Material - PUL fabric

What is PUL? PUL, otherwise known as polyurethane laminated fabric, is a lot more technical than just a plastic backing on fabric. The original application is the medical field, and it is still used for this purpose. Like cloth diapers, it is used to replace disposable products with reusable. It provides the waterproof barrier needed in the medical field that can survive multiple institutional washings. The laminate can also be autoclaved, which is a very high heat steam sterilization process, to make it safe for reuse even after it comes into contact with blood or other bodily fluids. To read more, click here Definition from WIKIPEDIA is as follows: Polyurethane laminate (PUL) is generally a polyester interlock knit fabric that has been laminated to a thin film of polyurethane. This laminated fabric is useful as a wind and/or water barrier in the construction of fluid-splash protecting garments, shower curtains, outerwear clothing, cloth nappies / diapers and cloth menstrual pads

How did you teach your children to brush their teeth?

For myself (or I should say my family), brushing teeth is a family affair. Mommy & daddy & 4 year old daughter brush teeth together & the young ones(age 14 months) just follow the crowd. My guess is she don't want to be left out. So she'll start grinning asking for someone to brush her teeth. Now isn't that easy? Effortless. :-) Let's see what other parents say about it. 8 February 2010 (Parenthots) By example You have to show him how to brush his teeth and then you have to brush your teeth when he's brushing, too. This way he can see that you're brushing your teeth and follow your example. - Francine Goonting, mother of one boy aged three years old No problem I helped them to brush their teeth initially and after that they managed to brush their own teeth. It was quite easy. When they were younger they used the flavoured toothpaste. They still use the fancy toothbrushes now – the younger ones, that is. - Cafflin Wee, mother of three girl

Reasons to Cloth Diaper By Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE, Guide

Cloth diapering used to be the norm because - well, let's face it - that's what was available. As disposable diapers were invented and became popular, cloth diapering became something that not everyone did. Eventually it became thought of as more work for less benefit. You've probably thought of many reasons why cloth diapering may not be for you. Perhaps the cost worries you. Maybe you're worried about messy diaper leaks from cloth diapers. Or maybe you simply don't know enough about cloth diapers to even formulate an opinion. Cloth diapers have come a long way from rubber pants and diaper pins. Nowadays there are literally scores of choices. From simple all-in-ones (AIOs) to prefolds with wraps (no more diaper pins on most), there are tons of choices to keep your baby covered. There are many benefits of cloth diapering. Here are some of the most often heard: Cost Savings Cloth diapers can cost a bit of money to get started, but in the long run cloth diape

Monkey Doodlez

Attention to Monkey Doodlez Fan!! Both Micro & Bammboo Doodlez is on sale now :-) Hurry, visit before stock runs out.

Yeast Rash and Cloth Diaper

So... your little one has a red, raised, patchy rash and you want to know what to do. Here are some suggestions for treating a YEAST DIAPER RASH for cloth diaper users. Make a mixture of 10 drops of Citricidal Grapefruit Seed Extract to one ounce of water. The use of distilled water to make your solution is very important. The chemicals placed in your local tap water to kill bacteria can reduce the effectiveness of the active ingredients in GSE. Put the solution into a spray bottle or swab with a clean absorbent pad at every diaper change. Slather the rash with plain yogurt containing live cultures. Clotrimazole anti-fungal cream (available over-the-counter with the creams for vaginal yeast infections) can be added to a diaper rash cream or you can mix your own cream using zinc oxide and lansinoh. A cup full of white vinegar can be added to baby's warm bath to help soothe his sore bum. Add a cup full of white vinegar to your rinse cycle when washing diapers. Add 4-5 drops of

Different Types of Cloth Diapers: Cloth Nappy Systems Pros and Cons

Parents interested in using cloth diapers for whatever reason - environmental concerns, cost effectiveness, health benefits, or fashion - may be both surprised and overwhelmed by the wide range of cloth possibilities. It is advisable to become familiar with the pros and cons of each type of cloth diapering system. With the proper education, parents can best select the cloth diapering method that suits their family's needs and budget the best. All-In-Ones (AIOs) AIOs are just what their name implies- a diapering system where the soaker material and waterproof outer layer are combined into one piece. They go off and on with the same ease of their disposable diaper counterpart. Other than the obvious difference that AIOs are made from cloth, the other difference between disposables is that they may fasten with snaps or a hook and loop closure like Aplix or Velcro. Pros: AIOS tend to be favored by daycare workers and fathers who want a diaper that is easy to change. They can come

Types of Cloth Diapers & Covers

Typically, you’ll need two parts to your cloth diapering system – the absorbant diaper, and the waterproof cover. There are a variety of different types of diapers you can choose from: Flats These are one-layer diapers, generally made out of 100% cotton gauze and are the most “old-fashioned” choice. Not very many sellers carry them, although I’ve seen them for auction at eBay. The advantages are that they dry extremely quickly and fit a large range of size. The disadvantages are the folding and pinning that are required. Prefolds This is one of the most popular options. They are similar to flats, but have multiple layers with more layering in the middle. They are referred to as 2x6x2’s, 4x6x4’s, 4x8x4’s etc. These numbers refer to the number of layers in the sides and middle of the diaper (i.e., 4x6x4’s have 4 layers in the sides and 6 in the middle). The Gerber diapers you see at Target and Walmart are prefolds, but they aren’t nearly as absorbent as the Chinese prefolds (CPF&#

Home Made in Malaysia

I came across something interesting which I wanted to share for quite sometime. A custom made cloth diaper in Malaysia :-). So if you want something different for your baby, you might want to try one of these. I must admit, the list is short But if anyone out there knows any other mothers offereing the same thing, do let me know. 1) Cutie Softy 2) Little Honey Diapers 3) Ridzs Collections 4) Lampin Kain 5) Baby Hanan

Yummy prints from Rumparooz

Where can you get in Malaysia? Try or