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Something new in my wallet

Top 2 gambar from left ni kesian sket. Erin kalau part bergambar memang payah nak dok diam. Kena babap ngan Ayah ler tu. Muka cam nak nangis jerk hehehehe. Kali kedua boleh senyum sebab takut kena jentik sekali lagi.

Meera lak yg lecehnyer kalau ada ayah pulak. Mula ler nak merengek. Kelam kabut mama tangkap gambar. Nasib baik DSLR boleh tangkap few frames per second. Kalau guna point& shoot, memangjang sumer gambar jadik gambar hantu.

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Horror at my daughter's kindie - part 1 : The Roslan Incident

I'm extremely disappointed by the experience i went thru today with the Genius Aulad Kota Damansara transport service provider. I have the impression that they are the best all this while & boy i was wrong. I was shocked that the complaint of level of service they've provided me, I'm being dismissed as disrespectful & was told that the are much happier for not having me as a customer. MasyaAllah. Makes me wonder who is the customer here. No word of apology from them & they actually threatened my daughters nursery teacher. Oh dear, what have i got myself into.
            Thankfully, GA Center Manager apologize of what had happened. I'd like her to be aware of what kind of service that Encik Roslan has given me when he is under stress.

Let's see what i went thru today, shall we?

1. Its 12 pm. First Mr A called & said he's already at my house to pick my daughter up in which i responded that the have to pick her at her nursery (which is 5 mins awa…

List of Government Hospital in Kuala Lumpur

Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Pahang
50586 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2615-5555
Fax: 03-2691-1681

Bayu Cloth Diaper Club

All are invited to join our new group. This group will be our channel for PreOrders & Auction cloth diapers & any baby products under SentuhanBayu.

Simply send a request thru facebook:

WhatsApp us @ 0122010911