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Yes, finally my Lunantots arrived!! I'm really excited with their Camo prints.

What I Like;
- Very trim. I supposed it can fit most Malaysian baby but then if your baby looks like Michelin logo.... errr not sure how long it will last. Fit my baby nicely since Meera has Ayam Kampung thigh, very slender.
- the suede cloth is smooth. Almost like Coolababy but much nicer texture.
- PUL is very soft
- Cleaning is easy, but i have yet to test it on Meera's bad poo poo day.
- the price is affordable. Which is a plus for most Malaysian mother.

What I don't like;
- the prints on the PUL fabric. The color seems to fade a little after my 3 times prewash. So it make me wonder whether it can last for my next baby.
- take a longer time to dry if compared with my Blueberry, BumGenius & Kasihku Sayangku diaper.
- good for day time use, not for night time. Since Meera is Super Heavy Wetter, so far only BumGenius can do the job.

Where I got it;
Expect your order to arrive in 2-3 days time.

i got myself these prints. RM57 each .Very cute ! hehehehe

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