Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Horror at my daughter's kindie - part 1 : The Roslan Incident

I'm extremely disappointed by the experience i went thru today with the Genius Aulad Kota Damansara transport service provider. I have the impression that they are the best all this while & boy i was wrong. I was shocked that the complaint of level of service they've provided me, I'm being dismissed as disrespectful & was told that the are much happier for not having me as a customer. MasyaAllah. Makes me wonder who is the customer here. No word of apology from them & they actually threatened my daughters nursery teacher. Oh dear, what have i got myself into.
            Thankfully, GA Center Manager apologize of what had happened. I'd like her to be aware of what kind of service that Encik Roslan has given me when he is under stress.

Let's see what i went thru today, shall we?

1. Its 12 pm. First Mr A called & said he's already at my house to pick my daughter up in which i responded that the have to pick her at her nursery (which is 5 mins away from home )& I'm still at work in Cyberjaya. I also emphasize that I did put that request in the forms.

2. With the assumption that Mr A will pick my daughter, I drove back to Kota Damansara. Once I reached Genius Aulad, I was quite surprise to find out that she's not there. So I called Mr A, and he's responded that he's on his way to pick her up.

3. Around 15 mins later, I called Mr A again. BUT to my surprise he told me that Mr B should pick her up since my daughter's nursery is not his area. (OK, but couldn't he just told me that 15 mins ago??) So, I asked Mr A whether he has informed Mr B, & he responded he has not but believe that Mr B do know that he supposed to pick up my daughter. And since i stupidly trusted him, I wait.

4. After a long wait, possibly 10 - 15 mins I called Mr A again since my daughter is still at her nursery. This time around he mentioned again Mr B should pick her up & that Mr B should know this & he don't need to remind him that. (OK, that explanation i can accept if he told me 1 hour before the class start) So I asked him whether I could get hold of Mr B's number. He didn't give me Mr B's number but he gave Encik Roslan's phone number instead.

5. So, since it is my fault being an anxious mother, I called Encik Roslan.  His respond was his driver was late because he's stuck in traffic somewhere in Kota Damansara. This is the point which I told that how bullshit his reasoning was & unacceptable. Tell me which Kota Damansara area that is jammed around 1.30pm on WEDNESDAY. Seriusly????

6. I can't accept that silly reason.He agreed to fetch her himself since he's somewhere in Kota Damansara  & he's on his way. Even so, my daughter has not arrived in school after 15 mins. Again I was told he's on his way when I called him. Upon his arrival at GA KD 20 mins later, I asked him personally who should pick my daughter up , which in return with no apological tone responded that there's nothing wrong for them to pick their little passenger late, all other drivers are out of KD & stuck in traffic, I should thank him that he had picked up my daughter and proudly say that this happens every year  AND i should be patient. (Well, in my line of work... if it is a known issue, then it is our fault not to acknowledge that & take preventive measures.)

As a customer, I don't ask much. I just want to be informed. As a courtesy & good customer service attitude - ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CUSTOMER INFORMED. That's all I need. I don't need to know why they're late , but i need to know who should pick up my daughter & keep me informed if there's a change in pickup arrangement.

I believe that if i had not made any call today & stay in office, nobody will pick my daughter up at nursery. After all the calls, i thought the horror ends for the day. Boy.... again i was wrong.

When i picked up my daughter from nursery in the evening , her carer told me that the GA driver (encik Roslan) scolded her for telling me that they have not picked my daughter up PLUS he specifically said 'Dengan orang lain awak boleh la buat macam ni, tapi dengan saya Jangan!' . Wow!!! Obviously he thought she was the one that have been calling him.

So I called him for explanation on why he said that. After all the terror in the service he gave today, he demanded that I should be nicer & not to call him to complaint about the driver since the situation is normal every year. He mentioned again that I should be thankful that he had picked up my daughter. (Hmmm..... I paid this guy to give transport service & i should thank him for picking her up today.) I'm sorry, but as a customer I do have some level of expectation on the service provided to me. So I reminded him, I'm the customer. Guess what he responded? 'Saya rasa lebih bersyukurlah kalau Puan tak ambik servis saya, saya pun tak nak kasi servis saya kat puan. Semua duit tu saya boleh pulangkan.' in the rudest tone possible. I supposed he's implying that he won't be out of business without me paying him.

Oh dear.......

I guess i have to get another provider who is more responsible. It's a learning for me too, that I won't get good customer service just by recognizing a brand.

** Updated 14th Jan 2011 - By the request of Puan Zaliza (GA Founder) & Puan Aminah (GA KD)
Take note that the transporter are not part of Genius Aulad & Therefore this event & Encik Roslan's behaviour are not to be associated with Genius Aulad the Registered Trademark & Franchise.

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