Monday, January 18, 2010

Doodlez Doublers by Monkey Doodlez

If you're looking to add more absorbency to your diapers, these are just what you need!

It's so easy to turn your favourite Monkey Doodlez® AIO into a night time diaper! Simply lay in one of our Doodlez Doublers and absorbency is instantly doubled. It's that easy!
Our Micro Doublers are made from the very same top quality truly non pill microfleece that we use in our Micro Doodlez. Completely enveloped in this luxurious fabric are two layers of our super absorbent, thick and thirsty 100% cotton terry.
These doublers are fully reversible and are clearly labelled with sizing so it's easy to find the right size. Each Doodlez Doubler is sized to fit each size of our diapers so you will always be assured of a perfect fit!
In a pinch? Just lay one of these doublers inside your favourite diaper cover and you have an instant diaper!
Our Micro Doublers are available in ALL the same Micro Fleece colours used in our Micro Doodlez!
Who says diapering is boring - With so many great colours to choose from, have some fun!
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