Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bamboo Doodlez by Monkey Doodlez

Now's the perfect time to see why Bamboo is such a favourite!

Bamboo fiber fabrics are luxuriously soft and feel kind of like silk. Bamboo is quickly renewable and shares many of the wonderful properties of cotton; superior absorbency, breathability and does not trap heat.
The microfleece in these diapers is made from a blend of (Rayon made from) Bamboo (33%) and polyester (67%) which offers silky softness matched with durability. This microfleece will not pill so your baby's bottom will be cradled in silky softness change after change.
Hidden inside is a full layer of heavy weight cotton flannel for an added all over absorbency and breathability. Securely attached is a multi layer thick and thirsty cotton terry soaker pad.
The diaper fastens with our own Doodlez tape (hook and loop) to provide a secure hold while remaining very soft to the touch.
Gentle elastics at the legs and waist provide a comfortable fit.

Where to get :,
Both provide bulk discount, so you'll get better price if you buy 5pc or more.

My own experience :
This is the best AIO in my stash. Absorbency is really great & fit my daughter(15mths) well. The size she's wearing now is Medium. Actually, I got my 1st Bamboo doodlez from Diapersasia mommies whose selling it as preloved. Though the size I got from her is Medium Long & can just nicely fit may daughter at the smallest setting & have a slight gap around the thigh, I was quite surprise that it didn't leak. FYI i change my girl's nappy every 2 to 3 hours.
   After the 2 weeks trial on Bamboo Doodlez, I came across EZMotherhood having Y.E.S.  and selling at RM73, so i grab 3 of them ( 1 Camo, 2 Periwinkle). The color is just so yummy. Thank god my daughther just love them so much. She actually pulling it out of her nappy closet & give it to me to put on her. :-D  
  The only drawback is it takes 1.5 day to properly dry. Not much of a problem to me since I have huge stash for Meera. But for someone in a budget & bought only few pieces, then they'll have problem.
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