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First Week of Cloth Diapering in daycare

Day 1
- Brought 8 CDs & a big plastic bag to the daycare. Explained to the carer that she don't need to wash it if soild & just dump it into the plastic bag. I can see that she's quite curious with it since i told her this is 'pampers boleh basuh'. Well, I don't want to say i brought lampin kain, otherwise they'll refuse to accept the idea. On top of it, i just told them that Ameera is allergic to Dispo.
- Hmm, thanks to them now the only dispo diapers ameera can wear is the most expensive ones. Even so, the rash came back, only it'll take 3 or 4 days in dispo before it appear. I can no longer put Ameera on Drypers. DEfinitely the rash come out after 2 days in daycare & really bad one too. I suppose they malas to check & change. But using CDs, if they malas they'll face leakage. ;-) hehehheh
- After the day end, i must admit I was quite anxious what it'll be like for me. I start imangining HUGE poop & STRONG poopy smell. But hey! It was not really that bad at all. Cleaning my cat's poop are way much worst. I just quickly put them in the laundry bag, let the machine do the rinsing & scrubbing & voila!!! All complete & clean. So from today onwards, no more DD. Yippee!!! I can now officially call a CDing Mom.

Skip to Day 7 - Yes!!! The whole week on cloth diapers. And no complaints from the day care. I put meera on bumgenius at night & no leaks. So now i must conclude that for night time use bumgenius is still the best. Tried KS & Freshbots for night time use, but leaks. On the washing routine, it is a must to wash CDs daily. I dont think i can stand the smell of urine on CDs after 3 days. Uweekkkk. On handling poo poo, just lay it nicely on the bathroom floor then spray it with water from afar. Only then i pick it up & throw it in the washing machine. Yeay me!!

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