Monday, December 14, 2009

Enjoying the CD

Had tried KS Cloth Diaper for a few days now. All i can say is it's quite impressive & not as hard as i thought.

For day use, it's just wonderful. No leakage & Meera don't seem disturbed by the new diaper. KS CD doens't look too bulky either. And i must say, I'm impressed with todays fabric technology. Meera's bottom is quite dry. As for night use, I'm still struggling. Meera is extremely heavy wetter at night & to avoid leakage i need to change her diaper every 2hours. Yes, that's with 2 soaker inside. So, as a short term solution I'm still using the Mamy Poko Diaper between 10pm - 3am, then back to CD. I'm getting my self a Bum Genius which scheduled to arrive in another 3 days. What i heard is BG is good for night use. So, i'd like to try it. My plan is to put Meera on full CD by end of Jan.

As for cleaning, i use the malas way. Just dump it in the washing machine & wash it for 2 cycle. Well of course the poo, i flush it in the toilet 1st. The 1st cycle is with detergent, & the 2nd is without. No funny smell so far, since i wash it everyday. The drying is quite fast & it dried only overnight.

OK, now I'm waiting for my 10 Coolababy CD. Looking forward for the coming weekend. Once i prewash it then, I'll start using i for daycare.

For some strange reason, my mom still againts cloth diaper. LOL may be she still have nightmare of the old CD system. Anyway, i'll try to convince her that it is not that bad with the new system.
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