Monday, December 21, 2009

BumGenius 3.0

Bought it from for RM79 a piece. I got myself clementine, grasshopper & zinnia. Their fabric are way much nicer than kasihku sayangku of course & that explain the price too. I'm happy with it but i'm afraid my pocket is not.

What i like;
- Can hold for 4 hours for my super wetter baby
- Great for night time use. It didn't leak for 4-5hours. So i just need to wake up once for nappy change.
- Soft microfleece & of much better quality. Baby bottom is quite dry.
- Stitching quality is also good
- comes in bright & pastel colors
- Velcro! I love velcro
- Value for money

What i don't like;
- for this almost perfect design, it doesn't comes in prints. All are plain color.
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