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My monkey has arrived

Yup, my monkey doodle has arrived. Got it from one of the forumer in for rm 75. The quality is good & i'm excited with my AIO. I like AIO, only that it takes longer to dry.

My review on monkey doodlez bamboo;
What i like :
- It is an all-in-one. Very daycare friendly.
- The sewn in soaker is thick and can hold much longer compared to AIO Coolababy .
- The range of color is cute.
- And its velcro is strong enough. Easy to clean.
- Fit nicely on my baby

What i dont like:
- Drying time is fast but not fast enough. So don't expect it to be used on the next day after washing.
- I also not quite like that it is not a one sized diaper.

Where i got it:
Got it from the Diaper Swap members for RM75. Though it is preloved, the condition is still very good & has worked perfectly fine on my daughter :-) She got it from
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First Week of Cloth Diapering in daycare

Day 1
- Brought 8 CDs & a big plastic bag to the daycare. Explained to the carer that she don't need to wash it if soild & just dump it into the plastic bag. I can see that she's quite curious with it since i told her this is 'pampers boleh basuh'. Well, I don't want to say i brought lampin kain, otherwise they'll refuse to accept the idea. On top of it, i just told them that Ameera is allergic to Dispo.
- Hmm, thanks to them now the only dispo diapers ameera can wear is the most expensive ones. Even so, the rash came back, only it'll take 3 or 4 days in dispo before it appear. I can no longer put Ameera on Drypers. DEfinitely the rash come out after 2 days in daycare & really bad one too. I suppose they malas to check & change. But using CDs, if they malas they'll face leakage. ;-) hehehheh
- After the day end, i must admit I was quite anxious what it'll be like for me. I start imangining HUGE poop & STRONG poopy smell. But hey!…

Airport mania

I bought Airport Mania from Itunes. Just finished all the levels today. I love the game so much & I just couldn't put it down. So, i'm on a break from Cafe World (another addictive game)

Velcro vs Snaps

Like any newbies on CD, this is also the same question that lingers on my mind. But knowing myself, i know i'd prefer having velcro over snaps simply because velcro are easier to put on or getting anyone else to put on. ;-)
So, voila!!! Velcro it is. On top of that , Velcro are easier for me to fix as well if happens that it gets worn off.

For my advise for the newbies, look for something that works for you.

Arrived at last

Received this today. Got 3 blue, 3 red & 3 green. I must say that this is a good bargain since i got it during the 3days sales at Kasihku . On overage, I got it at RM30+ each. Wonderful for my stash since i planned to fully CD starting next week.

Now i have 23 CDs in total - 14 KS, 3 BumGenius & 6 aio Coolababy.

Yup, now i can go full cloth diapering. Yeay!!

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My stash of KasihkuSayangku

Comotnyer anak mama

Ni tengok lah ni. Comot makan oreo.

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Washable Wet Bag

I'm still in a quest looking a good wet bag for the daycare use. Still no luck. I guess i have to use plastic bag for now.

My wish list - that big colorful wahmies wet bag.

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Coolababy All-In-One

This is the most convenient & also the most troublesome. Convenient because I don't have to put in the insert & easy to put on to Ameera. Unfortunately, the drying time is killing me.
I got it for RM 28 a piece from a Lelong Seller from Sabah. My guess is she is importing it directly from China. Only recently I came across a cheaper Coolababy in which they are selling for RM 25 a piece.

The quality is quite bad. Though its functioning, I doubt it can last for a year. The stitching...OMG. But then, its the cheapest. Can't expect much, can I?

What I like;
- The microfleece is soft
- Value for money
- Dried pretty fast. Just need to wait for 1 day.
- Bright Colors
- Overall Material is soft, so it fit nicely on my my 16 months baby.
- Velcro. I love velcro.

What I don't like;
- the stitching quality.
- Can't use it for long. 2 hours at most for my super wetter baby.

BumGenius 3.0

Bought it from for RM79 a piece. I got myself clementine, grasshopper & zinnia. Their fabric are way much nicer than kasihku sayangku of course & that explain the price too. I'm happy with it but i'm afraid my pocket is not.

What i like;
- Can hold for 4 hours for my super wetter baby
- Great for night time use. It didn't leak for 4-5hours. So i just need to wake up once for nappy change.
- Soft microfleece & of much better quality. Baby bottom is quite dry.
- Stitching quality is also good
- comes in bright & pastel colors
- Velcro! I love velcro
- Value for money

What i don't like;
- for this almost perfect design, it doesn't comes in prints. All are plain color.

Kasihku Sayangku

The biggest stash i have is from this brand. Malaysian brand but made in china. The quality is okay, can't expect much for the price. So far functioning well. The leakage i,m experiencing are normally caused by overloading. Well, meera is extremely heavy wetter.hahaha
My favs color from this brand are red & green. I like their velcro too. Its quite hard for meera to take it off. Not like that BumGenius. I'm happy with the product i must say.

What I like;
- Valur for money
- The microfleece are dryer compared to Coolababy
- Material quality & stitching is acceptable
- Can hold for up to 3 hours,  day use for my super wetter

What I don't like;
- Not really reliable for night time use for my 16 months super wetter baby
- Looks quite stiff compared to other brands I have
- Only comes in plain limited color

Lenanyer tido

Meera lena betul tido mlm td. Biasanya dia jd alarm utk tukar diaper. Meera lena, mama pun ikut lena la. Langsung smpi ke pagi. Habis banjir tilam meera. Agaknya selesa betul pakai cloth diaper ni. Yeay me lah cmtu. Meaning mama punyer project for next year is on target. Starting jan next year, fully on CD bila ngan mama & kat nursery. Cuma klu ngan mak, mebbe still on dispo. Tak rasa mak rajin nak basuhkan hehehe.

Enjoying the CD

Had tried KS Cloth Diaper for a few days now. All i can say is it's quite impressive & not as hard as i thought.

For day use, it's just wonderful. No leakage & Meera don't seem disturbed by the new diaper. KS CD doens't look too bulky either. And i must say, I'm impressed with todays fabric technology. Meera's bottom is quite dry. As for night use, I'm still struggling. Meera is extremely heavy wetter at night & to avoid leakage i need to change her diaper every 2hours. Yes, that's with 2 soaker inside. So, as a short term solution I'm still using the Mamy Poko Diaper between 10pm - 3am, then back to CD. I'm getting my self a Bum Genius which scheduled to arrive in another 3 days. What i heard is BG is good for night use. So, i'd like to try it. My plan is to put Meera on full CD by end of Jan.

As for cleaning, i use the malas way. Just dump it in the washing machine & wash it for 2 cycle. Well of course the poo, i flush it in …

Today is the day

Today will be the 1st day of cloth diapering. The 1st batch is kasihku anakku one size pocket cd.

From what i've read from few forums, this is one of the favorite local brand with good quality. The price is reasonable. I guess i just got lucky that day since i got it for rm 47 only. Normal price is rm 56 Bought 5 CDs for my 1st try - 3 greens ( dreaming of getting boy next round) & 2 pink ( the color is gorgeous, i can' help it). And shipping is free.

Here are the photos

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Newbie in cloth diapering

I came across a good bargain for AIO cloth diaper on ebay. Cost me only rm28 each plus free shipping. And the seller is from Sabah. For the same brand, most internet seller are selling it between rm 30- 40. Hmmmm :-)

I'm quite anxious to try cloth diapering. Let's see how it goes ;-) God, give me strength.

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My new gadget

I must admit, iphone is a cool gadget. I love the fact that i could get connected to internet anytime anywhere i want, tease friends on facebook, but the coolest of all is reading ya seen using iphone. Wow, i can't stop smiling. Yes Syg, your manja is a geek.

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