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Being Erin's Mom

Jadik mak erin ni is getting tougher each year. Last year senang lagi nak manage since dia punyer requirement belum banyak. All about basic needs ie food, bath, playtime.

Now, at age 3... err almost 4 (in another 1 month)... baru nampak betapa slownyer dia punyer progress. Communication wise still at par for kids age 2. Bila manja cakap guna ayat panjang, dah mula keluar muka sotong la pulak. Basic idea like hygiene, wrong vs right, ikut cakapa ayah & mama, hormat orang tua, bila manja explain still sotong. So I hv to make it simple for her - Kakak gigit org, mama cubit. Kakak lawan cakap cikgu, mama cubit. Kakak makan baring-baring, mama cubit. She comply, but only when manja & ayang is around. To certain extent, when atuk is around. Good thing is abah pun very particular ngan budak punyer behaviour.

Compare dgn last year, dia makin lasak. Getting more talkative, cuma bila dia bercerita- kejap kat track A, tetiba Track C, pastu Track Z, Pastu track E. Masih belum boleh maintain dalam konteks yg sama bila berborak. Which is good & not good at the same time sbb manja compare ngan budak sebaya dia, walau bercerita macam kartun.... masih boleh maintain dlm konteks yg sama.

Well.... too bad. Yes I do have high expectation on her. Ye la... tengok jer la maknyer, peh tu bapaknyer. Both sides bukannye SRP level. Ntah mana datang ketetnyer pun manja tak tau. I have a reputation to maintain, you know.

Hari tu masa the so called Graduation Day kat Sri Ayu Ceria, baru nampak kat situ student baya dia pun sotong & ketet. Setakat sorang dua jer yg nampak cerdik sket. Unfortunately, Erin is not one of them. Hmmm... so may be geng2 dia pun buat dia bertambah ketet.

Apalagi... the following monday gak terus register kat Genius Aulad. Kasik tukar sket environment tu. Campur bebudak yg cerdik sket. Hari tu masa round kat situ, nampak bebudak dia actively involve dlm kelas. Cikgu2 nya pun nampak alert & focus. Tak macam Ayu Ceria, layu semacam. 1st Jan 2010 nanti open day. Mari kita tengok kesinambungannya. Hopefully, nanti dia berubah. Kalau tak jalan jugak, well at least I've done my part.

Hah... td beli buku phonetics. Alaaa.. online ler... apalagi. Tapi tu la.... as usual manja jer beriya2. Sama kes ler macam Barbie, mainan masak2 tu.

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